About VOW Leaders

It is my desire to invite women on a leadership journey that will forever change the way they see leadership.

A journey into the hearts and lives of women who desire to experience personal, relational and spiritual transformation with me and my team.

My desire is to help shape, pour into, and expand upon your gifts, talents, voice and story through your leadership skills.

For the past thirty years I have written about leadership, communication, finding your purpose, entrepreneurs and Spiritreneurs, developing teams, coaching, and growing something besides old! For the next thirty years my team and I want help to shape the Voice of Women by intentionally developing a Women’s Twelve-Three Leadership Model based on my body of leadership work and teachings.

Jesus took a disorganized staff of twelve and built a thriving enterprise. I am inviting a group of women to unleash their voice and do the same. 

The larger vision for me is to release women who will help shape the leadership practices with other women around the globe.  Using the model of Jesus who invested in groups of twelve, we plan to equip women to lead at all levels of leadership by encouraging them to re-view the divine excellence in themselves and in those they serve.

Please join TheVoiceOfWomen Journey to learn more about this personal journey with me and my team.

Using collections from my body of work, newly unpublished manuscripts, daily messages from me and my team, weekly Zoom engagements to learn, discuss and apply the leadership practices of the Omega Leader, you will experience a dynamic, growth-oriented transformational community in which you will learn ways to empower your relationships, attend to your own soul, and foster a mindset for how Jesus led, empowered women, and invited them to use their voice and their story to make a difference in the world.